Brain tumour


Tumours can start in the brain, or elsewhere in the body can spread to the brain. Symptoms may include new or increasingly strong headaches, blurred vision, loss of balance, confusion, and seizures.

In more complex cases, 

Symptoms may be a short 30-second period of no breathing and a person’s skin may turn a shade of blue, purple, grey, white, or green.

Or they may experience a loss of awareness or a partial or total loss of consciousness. 

Symptoms may also be associated with repetitive, unintentional movements, such as twitching.

If a brain tumor is diagnosed, relieving symptoms is a major part of your treatment, this is often known as palliative care or supportive care, and this is usually started soon after diagnosis and is continued throughout treatment. It is advisable if you’re open about the new symptoms or changes in symptoms.

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